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Why Mindfulness? 



In recent years the benefits of Mindfulness practice have become well established. The rising pressures of modern living - for adults and children - have led to an increased recognition that our lives can be deeply impoverished by our habitual tendency to be on 'auto-pilot', during which the richness of momentary experience often passes unnoticed. 


 Mindfulness helps us to develop the skills to more fully engage with our present experiences, to be 'in the moment'.                                             


Improving Children's Well Being and Reducing their Stress


Whilst we might like to think of children as perhaps more carefree, current mental health statistics suggests 290,000 children and young people have an anxiety disorder, and that the number of children aged 15-16 with depression has nearly doubled between the 1980s and the 2000s.


The practice of mindfulness has been found to benefit children in many ways. It can lower stress, reduce the likelihood of becoming depressed and improve well being. Studies have shown improvements in abilities to control attention and rises in optimism and empathy.    


A simple yet powerful way to help


At Psychology for Children we offer the Mindful Attention Programme (MAP). MAP is a 9 week programme which supports the development of mindfulness skills in children aged 9-13, a critical period for children as they move from primary education into secondary schooling and face the challenges of the teenage years and increased school pressures. MAP has been shown to significantly increase children's level of mindfulness. To quote from one year 5 child: “If there is pressure then I don’t tend to worry about what it is when I remember what we’d done in mindfulness. It helps me to let those thoughts go away. I feel better than I did before”


MAP can be delivered by Teachers and other professionals working in schools, such as Learning Mentors or School Counsellors. MAP can be delivered to whole classes or to small groups of targetted children who may require specific support for their emotional well being.       


How can I get started?


In Janaury 2019, we will be offering trainings at level 2 in Tunbridge Wells. The training is delivered over 4 sessions. This unique training enables participants to learn about MAP and develop their own mindfulness practice as they teach it to their children. In this way, both the teacher and their children can explore what mindfulness is at first hand together. In addition, this structure enables teachers to embed the programme effectively and to be supported throughout their first run of MAP. 


When and Where?


For teachers in Kent, we will be offering a FREE twilight taster session (4-5.30pm) at Temple Grove Academy in Tunbridge Wells on the 27th November. You will have the opportunity to try a simple mindfulness exercise for yourself, get to know a little more about what mindfulness is, and why it might be so helpful in your school, and take a peek at the MAP programme.


The next 4 day training will take place in Tunbridge Wells:-


At  Temple Grove Academy, Friar's Way, Tunbridge Wells on the 15th January (whole day) and then three twilights from 4-5.30pm on 29th January, 12th and 26th February 2019



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