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3. Free Guided Meditations


The first guided meditation for the children to try is the Body Scan. This might best be attempted just before going to sleep. The guided meditation asks the child to focus on different sensations in their body, starting with their feet and working their way up to the top of their head. The meditation is generally felt to be relaxing, but the primary aim is for the child to focus on the sensations as best they can. The child may feel very relaxed and this may encourage them to repeat this practice. The meditation can be undertaken in bed and if the child falls asleep, this is fine. You can download the guided meditation here.   



A longer guided Body Scan for the MAP trainer is available here



During the third session of MAP, the children shift their focus to a study of sounds. they are asked to notice some sounds in the foreground, and others in the background. They may also notice that these different sounds sometimes appear to compete for their attention. They can try a guided meditation here which focuses on sounds. They can try this in bed last thing at night as they did the Body Scan. If they wish they can try this seated at any time, if they can find a peaceful spot for ten minutes or so. 


In the sixth session of MAP we investigate thoughts. The children are asked to notice thoughts as they arise, but as best they can, to try not to get swept up with them. The home practice is the Sounds and Thought guided meditation, which they can listen to from here.


After the course has finished the children might like to try the Just Sitting meditation. This combines a number of the elements of earlier guided meditations from body sensations to thoughts and feelings. This can be downloaded here. Two further meditations - a second Body Scan and a further Just Noticing meditation are also available. These can be used with the newly available Recap materials.