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Level 2 Training: Bringing MAP to Your Class



Bringing MAP to Your Class Room: the 2 Day Course


This two day training focuses on our newly developed 9 session Mindful Attention Programme. The course provides a session by session guide to the MAP programme. The MAP course materials used are examined, including the lesson powerpoints, children's workbooks, downloadable guided meditations for children and the teacher, teacher's manual and supplementary materials. The importance of teaching orientation and the class room and home practice exercises is explored. The course is aimed at teachers of children in years 5-8.


The course is delivered in over two days. A full day initially to orient teachers to the basics and work through the first sessions of the MAP programme. Then a second day focusing on the next sessions of MAP, and which provides opportunities to discuss and feed back on issues arising from the sessions delivered thus far. The course thus provides participants with support during the delivery of the course, and further email contact is offered for brief supervision as the course unfolds.


The MAP training course includes:



  1. Powerpoints for each session
  2. Children's Workbooks for each session
  3. Teacher manual
  4. Downloadable Guided Mindfulness practices
  5. Information and letters for parents


Our current level 2 training days can be found here. We offer great discounts for additional teachers from your school wanting to attend level 2 courses. To embed mindfulness effectively it is very helpful to have more than one teacher who can deliver the programme to their class. Our current Eary Bird Rate for one teacher is £240, and for each additonal teacher the cost is only £120.

For further details and to apply, please fill in the form here, scan and email to us at enquiries@psychologyforchildren.com.