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MAP Training




Whether you would like to just find out a little more and have a taster, or want to bring MAP to your class room, we can help. And for professionals who would like an in depth exploration of mindfulness for themselves alongside an exploration of how this might support children, we have a four day intensive.



Psychology for Children currently offer three levels of training to deliver MAP to schools.                                                                                                                            



Level 1



An Introductory 1 Day Course


This initial one day training provides an introduction to what mindfulness is and how it might help support ourselves and the children in our care. The course provides a brief background to the some of the psychology involved in models of mindfulattention, and looks at the evidence base for its effectiveness with adults and children. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in short mindfulness exercises themselves. This provides participants with some direct experience of mindfulness practices to complement the theoretical treatment given. Our newly developed 9 session Mindful Attention Programme will be briefly outlined. The MAP course materials used are discussed, and the importance of teaching orientation and the home practice exercises.  



Level 2                                                                                                       



Bringing MAP to Your Class Room: the 2 Day Course


This training focuses on our newly developed 9 session Mindful Attention Programme. The course provides a session by session guide to the MAP programme. The MAP course materials used are examined, including the lesson powerpoints, children's workbooks, downloadable guided meditations for children and the teacher, teacher's manual and supplementary materials. The importance of teaching orientation and the class room and home practice exercises is explored. The course is aimed at teachers of children in years 5-8.


The course is delivered over TWO days. A full day initially to orient teachers to the basics and work through the first sessions of the MAP programme. There will then be a further day of training which will work through the remaining sessions of MAP, and provide opportunities to discuss and feed back on issues arising from the sessions delivered so far. The course thus provides participants with support throughout the delivery of the course, and further email contact is offered for brief supervison as the course unfolds.


The MAP training course includes:


  • Opportunities for the teachers to experience mindfulness practices and develop these themselves over the 9 week course
  • An exploration of the key skills and attitudes taught - the focus of attention, dealing with the pull of distractions, exploring responding to events rather than reacting to them
  • Viewing real MAP sessions being taught to a whole class
  • Materials needed to deliver the programme in your school, including powerpoints for each session, workbooks and teacher manual, and downloadable guided practices. 


To apply for this course please check dates and venues on the Training Dates tab above.


Four day in-depth training - click here